Reducing Food Waste in Mudgee

A recent survey by the Mid-Western Regional Council has discovered that a large majority of local residents grow their own food produce, which is a great way to help reduce unnecessary food waste.

As reported in the Mudgee Guardian, the Council survey found that more than half the people surveyed in the local area grew their own vegetables, and a third also produced their own fruit. Thirty-eight per cent of people in the local region also have chooks who lay eggs and 3 per cent have cows to produce dairy products!

It’s great to see that so many locals are growing their own food, as food waste is a real issue in NSW that leads to about 800,000 tonnes of food being thrown away into our landfills every year. Food waste is also the one of the largest components of most household bins.

One of the biggest reasons why so much food is thrown away is simply because people buy more fresh food than they need.

Mudgee residents do seem to be doing better than the rest of the state though, with 18 percent of respondents in the Council survey reporting that they don’t need to throw any of their food away, but that still leaves a fairly large portion of people in the local area who are buying food that simply ends up in the bin. With a little it of planning and preparation though, we can all help reduce food waste and help reduce the amount of money we spend on groceries too.

There are plenty of ingenious ways you can cut down on your food waste and if you need some help it’s worth heading to the NSW Government’s Love Food Hate Waste website which the Mid-Western Regional Council is a part of.

On the website there are plenty of simple and smart ideas on how you can reduce your food waste, such as making a grocery list before shopping, storing food correctly, and using your waste as compost instead of putting it in the bin.

So if you don’t already, start getting creative in your household and figure out what you can do to help reduce your food waste.

It would also be great if you could share your food waste reduction ideas here so that the entire Mudgee community can benefit!

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