NSW State-wide Smoking Ban

Even though we’ve been used to non-smoking laws indoors throughout Australia for some time now, NSW still doesn’t have a uniform law governing outdoor smoking, and as such the NSW State Government has just announced new smoking laws that will restrict where people can smoke outdoors throughout the whole of NSW, not just in some council areas where local governments have imposed smoking bans.

The state-wide law will see smoking banned at all of NSW’s sports grounds and children’s playgrounds, as well as bus stops, taxi ranks and swimming pools. In addition, there will also be a smoking ban applied to outdoor commercial eating areas from 2015.

With a large portion of the Australian population being non-smokers the news is welcomed, however there has been some conjecture about the affect the laws will have on local establishments that cater for smokers, such as beer gardens and outdoor eating areas that allow smokers. Will there be a loss in patronage?

There’s no denying the research that shows smoking and passively inhaling second hand smoke can contribute to the early onset of cancer, so for us, the move is positive for the health of everyone in NSW. We’d be interested to know what Mudgee residents think about the new smoking laws – are you for or against them? And why?

The current Mid Western Regional Council policy for outdoor smoking can be found on their website.

One thought on “NSW State-wide Smoking Ban

  1. Donna

    Love it! Wish the ban would come in ASAP, had too many people in my world die of lung cancer and cancers so I do not want myself or my children having to breath someone else’s 2nd hand smoke 🙂


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