Mudgee Real Estate Tips – 10 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Before selling, a lot of homeowners choose to renovate their homes to help them make the most of their Mudgee real estate investment.

You don’t need to totally overhaul your property to make a big impact on buyers though, it usually only takes a few simple improvements to help add the most value.

1. Refresh Paint – Painting is one of the easiest ways to instantly update a property and it can be very inexpensive if you choose to do it yourself.

When choosing paint colours it’s best to go for something neutral, as this will appeal to most buyers’ tastes.

If you’ve never painted before then it’s best to attempt one room at a time to minimize disruption in the house. You should also watch a few DIY training videos on the internet or pick up guides in paint and hardware stores so you can get a good idea of what you’re doing before you start.

2. Spring clean/update floor coverings – Worn out floorboards and stained carpets are never a good look, so if your flooring isn’t up to scratch you might like to consider replacing it.

If you have carpet you may be able to get away with a good clean, however if the carpet is dated or beyond repair then you may like to consider laying down new carpet.

If you’re lucky you may have hardwood floorboards underneath your carpet, in which case you may be able to stain, paint, clean or reseal them to add an attractive new feature to your property.

3. Kitchen quick fixes – If your kitchen looks a little dated then a simple fix such as an updated splashback is sometimes all that is needed.

Changing kitchen cabinetry can be a big job, so ask yourself what else you might be able to do to make your kitchen look like new – could you simply repaint your cabinets or add in new kitchen appliances such as a new stove or rangehood? Sometimes simply adding a new shelf in your kitchen can make a big difference and help free up bench space too.

4. Fit new tapwear – If you’re kitchen and bathroom areas are in good condition, but are just a little outdated, they may just require new tapwear.

By installing matching and aesthetically pleasing taps you can instantly update the most important rooms in your house, and help suggest that you have good plumbing.

5. Refresh bathroom – As with point 4, new taps can help update a new bathroom, as can a new sink and toilet.

Another way to help make your bathroom look like new is by painting the existing tiles. There are paints available specifically for painting tiles, as well as grout pens that can be bought to paint over stained grout.

6. Update window furnishings – How are your windows looking? Could they be improved by adding new coverings?

There are plenty of options available to furnish your windows such as blinds, curtains and shutters, and they come in a plethora of styles and colours to help match the look of your home.

When choosing coverings, think about the room that you’re putting them in and whether or not you want to help let in the natural light.

Before putting up your new window coverings, don’t forget to give your windows a good clean so that they look sparkling and new, and fix anything such as a broken pane too.

7. Replace with bright lighting – Re-asses the lighting in your house – are all rooms as bright as they need to be? Are some rooms too bright?

In general, most people like to use bright lighting in the kitchen and living areas and softer lighting in the bedrooms. Changing your home’s lighting can be a simple matter of buying new light globes the next time you go shopping.

Another thing worth thinking about is the colour of your light switches. If they are starting to go yellow it might be worth calling an electrician over to replace them for you. This shouldn’t be too expensive, but it’s a simple way to help make your home feel newer.

8. De-clutter entire home – De-cluttering your home can instantly make it feel cleaner, fresher and more spacious.

Go through your property one room at a time and clear away any junk or other items you don’t need or want.

By clearing away your unwanted items now, it will also give you one less thing to do when it comes time to move.

9. Update front entrance – People will make an impression of your house as soon they walk in the front door, so it’s important to make sure your entrance is clean, tidy and looks good.

To update your entrance you might like to consider repainting your front door, providing a welcome mat, or updating furniture such as coat and shoe racks.

10.  Groom garden – Mudgee folk like to spend a lot of time outdoors so it’s important to make sure you have presentable outdoor areas.

Head outside and mow your lawns, prune trees, pull out weeds and clean the barbecue and any outdoor furniture. You may also need to fix or replace any loose pavers or fence palings.

If your lawn is looking patchy, you might need to start laying down grass seeds and nourishment to help it grow, or if you’re short on time, new turf can be an instant fix.

If you would like any more tips on how you can add value to your Mudgee real estate then please feel free to contact us on 6372 2584.

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