Mudgee Library and Old Town Hall Overhaul

Well, the renovations of the Old Town Hall and Library have finally begun on the $3.6 million project, and we’ll be watching with keen interest just how the changes affect the community facilities.

There’s a lot of cultural activity in Mudgee that will benefit from the extensions that are going to take place over the coming months, and hopefully the new upgrades will also see increased enthusiasm for the Mudgee Library.

Whilst we understand that there’s been some conjecture about whether the Mid-Western Regional Council should’ve overhauled the old Regent Theatre building as well, we think it’s positive that there’s been progress in that the Old Town Hall is now being refurbished and upgraded for multipurpose use.

It’s always good to have community buildings and facilities upgraded to meet the standards of the 21st century, and the needs of community members, and we want to encourage the people of Mudgee to support the works and the final products by renewing your cultural side and using the facilities.

What do you think about the Mudgee Library and Old Town Hall overhaul?

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