How Will New Swimming Pool Laws Affect You?

If you own or rent real estate in Mudgee, or you’re thinking of purchasing a house with a pool, be sure to take note.  On the 23rd of October, both houses of the NSW Parliament passed the Swimming Pools Amendment Act 2012.  This Act follows the Swimming Pool Act of 1992, and makes some very significant changes which will affect property owners and tenants in Mudgee.

From the 23rd of April to new changes will become requirements:

  • A valid certificate of compliance or relevant occupation certificate will be required for the sale of any property with a swimming pool.
  • If you are leasing out your home, you must provide a copy of the certificate to the new tenant. The Residential Tenancy Agreement will be changed to include this new requirement.

Owners of houses with swimming pools will be required to register their pools with their local councils by no later than the 23rd of April 2013, and local councils must begin to make provisions for the inspection of pools within their area.

If you are leasing out your home, speak to your property manager about the new requirements.  They will be able to advise you of the new requirements, and ensure a valid compliance or occupation certificate is issued with each new tenancy from April 2014.

If you are in the market to buy a house with a swimming pool, your real estate agent should also inform you of the relevant requirements and dates, allowing you to check the provisions with your solicitor or conveyancer.

If you’re thinking of buying, leasing out, renting or selling your Mudgee house, please feel free to contact our Professionals Mudgee Real Estate office on 6372 2584 to discuss any queries or concerns you may have regarding the new laws.  We will be happy to keep you informed of all the relevant requirements and dates, and provide any other real estate advice you may need.

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