How to Make Your Mudgee Home More Arty

What do people see when they walk into your home? Do they see bare walls, or walls adorned in cherished pieces of art and decoration?

While the bare wall look suits some homes, having a stunning piece of art on display can definitely help add to the ambience and feel of a room.

But we don’t need a Picasso or an Andy Warhol to impress our friends. These days, art is easy to come by, and we can even create our own works of art by using print studios found on the internet.

There are plenty of websites around that will print an image of your choosing onto canvas, ready to be hung on your wall. You may like to choose from a one of your own photographs or you may just prefer to browse the internet for an image you like.

Home ware stores also offer plenty of affordable artworks, with places like Ikea and Typo offering popular prints.

Another great source of art is Mudgee’s local markets. If you have a walk around most markets on the weekends you’ll be sure to find an emerging artist with some wonderful pieces of art that could be perfect for your home.

Art doesn’t need to cost a fortune, it just needs to represent something you love and it can help make your place feel just a little more like a home.

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