Girl Talk in Mudgee

Are you a female living or moving to Mudgee? Are you looking for ways to network and interact with other local ladies, to get to know women in the Mudgee community and above all, get out and see just how great Mudgee is with like-minded, motivated women?

A new initiative that we’ve just heard of, called “Girl Talk in Mudgee” has been created to provide a comfortable environment for women of Mudgee to meet each other, network, and form friendships or support groups for all aspects of our busy daily lives.

Whether you’ve lived here for decades, or you’ve just arrived in Mudgee to live, Girl Talk in Mudgee is a great way to take away the sometimes daunting task of making friends and meeting new people.

Set over a relaxing lunch at one of the many great venues around Mudgee, Girl Talk in Mudgee holds events throughout the region, and can be found on facebook where you can register to attend the next event to be held on the 8th of May at High Valley Wine & Cheese Co.

What we love so much about this initiative is that it was an idea though up by local ladies who just want to help Mudgee women mingle and identify with each other. As they say on their facebook page “It doesn’t matter if you are a domestic goddess, a harried mum or out in the work force, come along, meet, mingle and network and get to know more about Mudgee at the same time”.

Join Girl Talk in Mudgee by visiting!

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