Can You Answer Questions About Mudgee?

You might be able to help people who are going online to ask questions about our local area on a new site called (UPDATE: Site no longer active), where people, local or otherwise can go to ask questions relating to just about anywhere they can think of.

Whilst we’d love for people to come to the I Love Mudgee facebook page, believe it or not there are people that aren’t on facebook, or who don’t know about the page to come and ask, so we’re putting it out there for other locals of Mudgee to answer questions that are posted, or even ask questions of their own.

We think that collaboration like this is essential. It keeps the community spirit alive, increases communication which in turn helps to continue building a tight-knit community like Mudgee. So if you have a question, or if you think there are things you could help people with, we encourage you to jump onto and start helping each other! Otherwise, you can always post your question on the I Love Mudgee facebook page or send us a private message.

We look forward to seeing some great information being shared about Mudgee!

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