Black Out Mudgee for Earth Hour 2012?

Our predictions for around the time of 8:30pm on Saturday March 31st, is that Mudgee will experience a blackout of sorts across numerous homes, businesses, and other buildings. It’ll all be in the name of Earth Hour, which is now into its sixth year. Check out the Earth Hour video below:

If you’re wondering what the point of Earth Hour is, it’s where people all around the world switch there lights off for one hour, but it’s really about raising awareness for energy conservation and to inspire people to think more about their energy habits. Ideally people should be trying to switch off their lights more often, but Earth Hour is a good start.

This year’s goal is to reach 1 billion participants across the world, so if you’ll be turning off your lights and other power consuming products like TV’s, computers and more this Earth Hour, sign up on the WWF website, grab your candles, and get ready for Mudgee’s blackout.

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