Are Current Solar Rebates Sufficient?

If you don’t think that current solar rebates are sufficient you may be interested in signing a petition that a group of Sydney home owners have started, calling for electricity retailers to provide one-for-one feed-in tariffs for energy produced by home solar panels.

Mudgee currently has a number of home owners that have taken up the option of solar power with the aim that they will put energy back into the grid and get a rebate in return for the energy they produce. The compensation however isn’t seen as a massive incentive for new solar panel buyers.

The “FairGo for Solar” campaign has been launched with a petition appealing for retailers to pay the same rates for power as we the customers do. Homes with solar panels feeding energy back into the electricity grid are currently paid by electricity retailers between 5 and 10 cents per kilowatt hour, whereas NSW residents are charged more than 21 cents per kilowatt hour for the energy that they use. Many home owners believe that the solar rebates are insufficient, and if you agree, you can have your say about having a 1-for-1 solar feed-in tariff by visiting the FairGo for Solar petition here.

The Greens have estimated that retailers could be receiving about $100 million worth of free energy a year, so do you think that current solar rebates are sufficient?

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