5 Years Ago in Mudgee…

5 years ago in Mudgee, our demographics were quite different to what they are now, and with the recent release of the 2011 Census Survey results we thought it would be interesting to take a look at Mudgee’s main statistics to give a brief snapshot of how our rural city has changed since 2006.

Mudgee (SSC) Now – 2011 Then – 2006
Number of People 9,830 8,726
Number of Males 4,838 4,204
Number of Females 4,992 4,522
Median Age 37 38
Number of Families 2,519 2,268
Number of Private Dwellings 4,346 3,889
Average Number of People per Household 2.4 2.4
Median Weekly Household Income $1,023 $745
Median Monthly Mortgage Repayments $1,733 $1,192
Median Weekly Rent $240 $165
Average Number of Motor Vehicles per Dwelling 1.6 1.1


Mudgee has certainly grown and you would know that just by living here, and with an additional 457 new homes in the area, (averaging just over 90 new homes per year), it’s easy to see why supply simply isn’t keeping up with demand in the area, with just over 1,100 more people living in here.

The stand out statistics revolve around income and costs, with medians in weekly household income, weekly rent and monthly mortgage repayments all increasing significantly. Remembering that the median is not the average, it’s probably safe to assume that mining in the area has something to do with these increases and that at the far end of the bell curve, the figures are probably far more dramatic.

We’re sure that if we amalgamated other nearby suburbs into these Mudgee stats, there would also be evidence of population increases over the last 5 years combined with increased rental and mortgage figures.

Source: www.abs.gov.au.

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