Mudgee Road Conditions After Rainfall

It’s no surprise to anyone in Mudgee that after decent rainfall road conditions deteriorate significantly in some areas. There are many things that weather can affect on our roads, so we thought it would be a good community awareness piece to write for Mudgee locals.

1) Avoid potholes where possible. Not only will the impact of hitting a pothole at even 40km damage your tyres and potentially your wheel alignment and suspension, but it can also impact the drivers around you. Debris such as pieces of bitumen can be whipped up by your tyres and cause damage to paint and windows of cars behind or beside you. By avoiding potholes you’re also alerting drivers behind you that there is a hazard and they can follow your lead and avoid damaging their car and the people following them.

2) Tailgating is one of the biggest causes of crashes in wet weather. Not allowing enough time to stop or avoid an incident is extremely dangerous to yourself, your passengers, other motorists and pedestrians. With the road toll in NSW already at a high level, backing off the car in front of you may help save more lives than you know. It only takes the car to brake suddenly, swerve or do something unexpected, and your life too could be in danger.

3) Make sure your car is roadworthy. Things like bald tyres, improperly fitted windscreen wipers, oil leaks and dodgy brakes can all cause crashes and endanger lives. If you can’t see out of your windscreen properly, you may be delayed in reacting to a hazard on the road. If your tyres are bald, there’s oil in places it shouldn’t be or your brakes don’t work very well, it doesn’t matter if the road is wet or not, you’re endangering yours and other people’s lives.

4) Speeding or driving under the influence, which are obviously illegal and highly dangerous at any time are two well known reasons for why people die on NSW country roads. If you’re drinking, don’t drive. If you’re in a hurry, remember it’s better to arrive late, than not at all. If you choose to speed or drink and drive, you’re putting yours, other motorist’s and pedestrian’s lives on the line, and that’s a risk that you have no right to take.

To check current road conditions for the Mudgee Region, you can visit the Mid-Western Regional Council website and follow the appropriate link on the left of the page. You can also check out Mudgee’s weather forecast here too if you’re planning to travel in the next 7 days.

For us it’s about making sure that the people of our Mudgee community are as safe as possible on our roads. These few things are simple and straight forward, yet it’s generally one of these things that contributes to a traffic incident. Please take time to make sure you’re doing the right thing on Mudee’s roads so that everyone in our community including children around school zones, don’t become the victims of a driver’s incompetence or ignorance.

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