Tips For Stretching Your Dollar Further!

The cost of living isn’t likely to go down any time soon, and even with sales and competition in the retail marketplace, it’s likely that you’re still paying good money for your goods and services because businesses have to pay ever increasing overheads too. So today we wanted to share, and ask you to share, tips for stretching your dollar further.

Make your morning coffee at home instead of buying it. Or if you work in a business with a few people that drink coffee, consider signing up for a coffee machine that you only pay for the coffee pods, by putting in a dollar for a coffee, you’ll cover your costs and only spend a fraction of what you’d spend at a café, whilst still getting a good quality morning coffee. Google “free coffee machines for the office” to find out what deals are available and suitable to your home or office.

Reuse or repair items that can have different purposes, such as plastic ice cream containers, bottles and other things that you would normally throw away. If it’s an item that’s in good condition and you just don’t want or need it any more, you could resell it.

Become energy and water efficient by replacing old fittings with newer energy and water saving devices. This can help save you money in the long run with lower consumption and lower quarterly or monthly bills. Every little bit counts.

Use your fuel vouchers from the supermarket. The few dollars you save every time you fill up add up over time and can end up saving you over a hundred dollars over the course of a year (based on a $4 average saving every fortnight).

Riding, walking or car pooling to work may not be practical for everyone, but if you can do this even once a week, it will save your petrol use and putting extra kilometres on your car. Not to mention the health benefits of exercising every day if you do choose to walk or ride to work!

Look for deals and specials when you’re at the shops. Check out catalogues and make a list of what you need so that you’re not tempted to buy unnecessary items that will add to your shopping bill. Shopping online so that you’re not tempted by other things on the shelf can also help keep money in your pocket.

What other money saving tips can you share with the Mudgee community?

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