Merry Christmas Mudgee!

It’s that time of year again; as Santa busily packs his sleigh, things are winding down here in Mudgee.  Many Mudgee residents and employees are getting ready to take a few days off work and perhaps get that rare opportunity to catch up with family and loved ones.

Our team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate hope that everyone in the Mudgee community enjoys their time off, doing whatever it is that makes their Christmas special.  Our team is very much looking forward to spending Christmas Eve with family, some attending mass, while others tune into the Carols as they finish wrapping presents and preparing food.  Christmas morning is generally spent watching the children greet their bulging stockings and stocked up Christmas trees with wide-eyed excitement.  Christmas lunch and dinner will typically involve gift-giving, delicious food, drinks, laughs, and a game or two of backyard cricket with great friends and loved ones.  Then of course there’s Boxing Day.  This is also a day to celebrate for our staff, many of who will either grab their vouchers and head off to the Boxing Day sales, or unwind in front of the Boxing Day Test match as Australia takes on Sri Lanka.

There’s sure to be lots of fun events and parties happening in Mudgee neighbourhoods as the end of the year approaches.   Be sure to stay safe, and always nominate a responsible designated driver when you’re out and about.

So Merry Christmas and happy holidays, from all of our team at Professionals Mudgee Real Estate!

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