What You Should Know Before You Renovate

Renovating is a huge task to undertake and there is a lot involved, so before you call up the builders, here are some things to think about first:

• Figure out exactly what you want to achieve, how much work needs doing and who is going to do it? Also consider how renovations may effect your day to day living arrangements – will you need to move out of your home while they are taking place?

• If your renovations are going to be structural will you need council approval? In most cases you do not need them but if you are looking at extending your property it’s always safer to check before you start construction.

• Okay so you know what you want; now how are you going to afford it? You need to set a realistic budget for your renovations and discuss this with your builder

• Now that you have a budget make sure you don’t cut back on good quality products. When you do a renovation you may as well do it right and there is no point buying products that will need replacing in a few years time.

Overall be prepared. Unexpected problems always arise during renovations so make sure you are ready and flexible with what could get thrown your way. Some things are beyond your’s or the builder’s control and the best solution is to find a builder you can trust and communicate well with.

While problems during renovations are inevitable though, there will always be a solution and the end results are always well worth the effort.

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