Tips for Looking After Your Pool When it’s Cool

Unless you have a heated pool, you’re probably not going to want to use it during the colder months of the year. Today’s blog has some tips on how to look after your pool when it’s cool.

Most pool problems are caused by improper maintenance, so if you haven’t enlisted the services of a professional pool company to service your pool, give some of these tips some though, and you might end up saving yourself some considerable cash when it comes time to start using it again!
  • Run your filter during off-peak times, generally overnight (check with your electricity provider). Do this on a daily basis so the water doesn’t stagnate or lose chemical quality.
  • Remove leaves and debris by skimming regularly, (daily if you have deciduous trees nearby). The less your filter has to work, the more efficiently it will run.
  • Keep an eye on PH levels, though you don’t have to do this too regularly unless you’re about to use the pool. Keeping the right balance should prevent discolouration or algae.
  • Check hose connections for your pool cleaner. Any splits will cause it not to run as efficiently, and the cost to replace might be a lot less than running your filter inefficiently for months on end.
  • Lower the chlorine level on your chlorinator while your pool isn’t being used.
A few small things might prevent having to deal with one big thing when you start wanting to use your pool again… so caring for your pool consistently could be the answer!

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