Starting from Scratch in Mudgee

We spoke last week about the challenges facing the Mudgee Golf Club, so I thought it would be a good idea to revisit starting from scratch from a real estate perspective – what do you do when you have an entirely blank slate – whether it be from a fire, flood, or you’ve just purchased a vacant block of land. Here are a few options we’ve been pondering.
·         See a Professional: Of course, I’d love it if you came and saw us, but in this case I’m talking about consulting an architect. A lot of people are scared away from architects because of the potential cost, but this can vary wildly. Architects aren’t just for designing buildings, they can also give you advice about the best aspect on your block and which way a potential home should face.

·         Play Kit Home: They’ve gone a little out of fashion over the past few years, but for those just starting out (particularly those on rural blocks) a Kit home can be a great head start to get you on the way to being in your home faster. Some kit-homes can even be purchased partially assembled, so all you have to do is put down a foundation and voila – instant house!

·         Straight off the Plan: If you’ve never built before, choosing a home from one of the popular (if you’re going on a trip to Sydney soon, swing by Homeworld – it’s a trip!) builders like Masterton or Beechwood. Visiting a display home can give you a great idea as to the actual dimensions and practicality of a particular design.
Of course what you’re after will change depending on how fast you need to build, your budget and how passionate you are about it – if you’re not one for designing your dream home, you’re likely to get along a lot faster!

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