Renovating Your Bathroom – Considered A Wet Room?

Wet rooms have taken over as the latest trend in bathroom designs, so what exactly is a wet room and why would you want one? It’s probably a pretty ‘out there’ concept for some of the homes in Mudgee, but we always like to see what’s trending and could be the next ‘feature’ to sell homes.

Basically, a wet room is a bathroom without the traditional shower screen or base, to help give it a more streamlined look.
The reason that so many bathroom designers have fallen in love with the idea of a wet room, is because it can open up the bathroom space and give it a “spa-like” feeling.
If you’re thinking about turning your bathroom into a wet room though, you need to think carefully about the products and materials you use. The appeal of a wet room is to have an open and uncluttered feel, so try and keep the design minimalistic and opt for items that are wall hung, so they keep the floor free to drain properly. A lot of wet rooms also use recessed or cavity cabinets to help make storage easier.
Remember in a wet room that water proofing is a huge consideration. You’re not just limited to using tiles though; you can also use options such as natural stone, treated woodsand or treated concrete. 
Wet rooms can look fantastic when they’re done right and they are making bathroom designers rethink their design possibilities.
Have you been considering a renovation of your old bathroom? Could a wet room be right for you’re your home?

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