Property Photography – What Sells?

Property sellers want their properties sold, and buyers want to know what they’re looking at. So what is it about property photography that helps sell a home?

Firstly, the photo needs to be clear so that people looking at it online can see what they’re looking at clearly. If your property’s photography is grainy, potential buyers may skip over it and not even give your home the consideration it deserves.

Secondly, you should have photos of as much of the property as possible. With online research playing a major part in buyer’s process of putting together a property shortlist, showing as much of the property as possible online is a great way to show that your property has all the things that the buyer is looking for… and more!

Thirdly, property photos should be backed up by information, other visual tools like a floorplan, video or virtual tour. Having a detailed description of the property that helps the potential buyer piece together which rooms are where and the layout of the property is imperative.

Think about when you have gone through homes on real estate websites and think about which properties compelled you to view them again, shortlist them or make an appointment to view it in real life? Were those properties presented online with great photos that helped you visualise the home more easily? Would it have made a difference if all the property listings had good quality and useful pictures? In our experience, photos are one of the most important parts of a property’s online marketing… great property photography helps sell your property.

Did you know that we have prepared a guide on how to present your home for photographs? If you’re keen to know more or receive some tips on preparing your home for a photographer, please email us for your copy.

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