Mudgee Real Estate Resolutions for 2011!

Most of us make a New Years Resolution list full of promises that we may or may not intend to keep. But beyond weight loss, exercising more and cleaning out the garage, there could be lots of resolutions that will make a difference to your everyday life.

·         Sell the House: Have you long outgrown your home? Do you have young children or another baby on the way? A new year is a great time to reassess all that has happened, but it’s also a great time to plan your future in a more serious, long-term way. Buying a bigger home is a challenge for anyone, but look around you – maybe it’s time!

·         Invest! It’s a great time to invest in real estate, with a buyer-friendly market and quality rental properties always in demand in our area, why not take the plunge?

·         Love the One you’re With: I’m not talking about your loved ones; I’m talking about your house! Your dream house may be closer than you think – you could be living in it already! Look at the blueprints for your home, check out its bones and the size of your block. Are you making the most of your home? Would renovating give it a new lease on life? Ask your local realtor about values in your area and an appropriate amount of capitalisation. Knowing what sells in your area is what gets you sold quickly and ahead of anyone else in your street when the time comes.

·         Meet Your Banker Eye to Eye – Proposed changes to financial regulations mean that it could be a year of big changes for mortgage holders and lenders. Have a meeting with your bank manager and see what they can offer you – sometimes, they can give you something better than the competitor you’d leave them for!
Best of luck in 2011, and here’s hoping that you make all of your resolutions a reality!

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