Mudgee Homes are Smarter Homes

There’s certainly a growing trend throughout many of the city areas with homes upgrading their technological side, but Mudgee homes are also beginning to capitalise on using home networking to their advantage, not only for sale purposes, but also efficiency around the home.

Using phones, computers or TV’s to turn on lights, make coffee or control the temperature in your home may sound like something out of the future, but it is becoming more and more popular with today’s technologically savvy homeowners.
New swart wire technology is allowing homeowners to have greater control over the elements in their home, simply by using their smart phones or tablets as a remote control.  Almost any electrical items in a home can be controlled using smart wire technology – if something has an electrical wire in it then chances are it can be connected to a smart wire system. In general though, smart wire technology is used to control things such as lighting, air-conditioning, visual, audio, security and irrigation features of a home or property.
This new type of home technology can cost upwards of $2000 to install, but homeowners who have embraced the new technology seem to be very happy with their choice.
Many believe that it is only a matter of time before smart wire technology is an everyday feature in almost every Australian home, but for now it can definitely help to add value to a home as it is seen as a very attractive feature to many new homebuyers. Who doesn’t love a gadget after all?
If you’re interested in learning more about smart wired homes, visit We’d love to hear from people around Mudgee who have installed smart wire technology in their home too… let us know what your experiences have been!

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