Investing in Real Estate Step one: Research

Are you looking at investing in property? If so we have decided to write a couple of blogs to help you get you head around things. We will be covering both practical points about real estate and the fundamental things you need to know as an investor.
So what do you need to think about? Well firstly you need to make sure you are working to a budget, find out what you can borrow what its going to cost to get the property up to scratch and think about the kind of return you would like to get out of it. Have a look at what’s around your local area, in this case its Mudgee remember to think about what properties are renting for as well as selling, this will help you get a rough idea on over all cost.
You often hear stories about people who it doesn’t work out for; our advice would be to learn from their mistakes rather than your own.
Of course we’re going to tell you to consult a professional (such as ourselves) but in the long run it really is beneficial. We are always here for a chat even if it’s over coffee to discuss what the market is doing at the moment.
Stay tuned for Step two, in the mean time if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to leave a message or call us, we love hearing from you guys!

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