Hire a Handyman or DIY?

Last week we blogged about whether you might like to hire a cleaner for your home rather than spend your free time cleaning. Today we’d like to expand on that and chat about whether you should do it yourself or hire a handyman.

For many years Australia has all ways had a ‘do it your self ‘ kind of attitude. But is it the best and or most cost effective way to fix or renovate?

From fixing a door handle to putting in that dream walk in wardrobe there is always a cost involved. Whether you are sticking to a budget or not you tend to stop and think “DIY or hire a handy man”? Sure DIY seems to be the better option if you know what you’re doing, but if you don’t where do you start? And do you have the time to finish it? I’m sure most of us have been the victims of a ‘I’m going to finish it’ project that never really gets done. For the time it has sat there would it have been cheaper to have a handyman come in and do it for you?

After browsing through the classifieds in the Mudgee Guardian I found there are services for just about anything. Do you know of any great local businesses that have done particularly great work on your property? Or are you a local business who would like to get the word out or a chance to work closely with us to get your business name out there?

Let us know your feed back by commenting or send us a private message with your feedback. As always we would love to hear from anyone who reads the I Love Mudgee blog!

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