Enjoy an Environmentally Friendly Christmas!

Do you care a lot about the environment and the impact that society has on it? The festive season tends to produce a lot of waste and resource consumption, so we thought we’d write a little bit about ways we can all enjoy a more environmentally friendly Christmas this year.

Here are some ideas:

Be real by using a tree in your garden, or a recycled Christmas tree.

Cut down on Christmas cards and wrapping paper by recycling old ones, or sending ecards online to loved ones… they can still have the same sentiment but without the waste.

Power down by using energy efficient Christmas lights if you’re going to put up lights in your home. LED’s use a fraction of the power and look just as effective. Look after your lights and you’ll be able to use them for years! Put lights on a timer too and ensure they’re not left on all night.

Buy presents that are useful, practical and preferably made from sustainable or recycled materials. Pot plants are a great idea for family and friends that live nearby, and vouchers are great for those that need to travel.

Reuse and recycle after the presents have been unwrapped by keeping paper for other uses or ensuring it goes into the recycling bin. Don’t forget tins, bottles, boxes etc too!

Make meals to cater for the people eating. The festive season is notorious for food wastage. Buy what you need, plan your meals and encourage people to eat the leftovers before starting to cook something new!

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