Dangers of Cutting Corners

The renovating bug has been popular for about 10 years now with TV shows inspiring people to do up their homes on a strict budget, but if you’re going to DIY, make sure you’re not cutting corners, because it could cause real dangers for future owners of the property, or even your own family.

Even if the prospect of a renovation being quicker or cheaper is appealing, the cost down the track could be more than you can afford, either financially or personally.
If for example you don’t get council approval or you carry out your own handy work without at least obtaining professional advice, then you could end up being liable for hefty costs in the future.
By carrying out illegal building work in your home there is a chance that you will have to rectify your works in the future, or if any accidents occur to tradesmen or visitors to your home because of dodgy work, you will be liable. Think about when you go to sell your home too, there’s a chance that buyers will ask for council permits and carry out building inspections before buying your home, so it’s important to make sure that everything meets legal standards.
The dangers of cutting corners are far to great if you want your family to be safe, and if you want to sell your property for it’s true value down the track.

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