Adding Value & Improving Your Home

Most people would assume that improving your home adds value. Well, that might be the case, but it’s how much value you add that’s important. As promised in our last blog, here are some tips on adding value to your home or investment property, without breaking the bank!

Cleanliness is next to Godliness – As the old saying goes. The cleaner your home or investment property the better it will present to potential buyers or tenants. It may take a bit of elbow grease to do yourself, but the cost is only that of some cleaning products, and your time. Otherwise, you can hire a professional cleaning service to give it a thorough clean for you.
Improve Curb Appeal – First impressions can mean the difference between having people want to inspect your property, or not. Give your front yard a good going over to make sure it’s presentable and low maintenance.
De-clutter – If your property is furnished with your things, think about putting some stuff into storage, keeping only the functional items and a few decorative pieces on display. The more of the property the buyers can see the better. If you’re renting an investment property out unfurnished, or with tenants in place, the best thing to do is make sure that it’s clean and presentable, although that’s not always going to be possible with some tenants. Talk to your property manager about what options you have in asking the tenant to keep the home tidy for inspections.
Repair – Fix anything that might catch the eye of a potential buyer or tenant and could either turn them off your property, give the edge to a competing property, or decrease the value of your property. What may cost you $50 to repair now may cost you more in reduced offers from buyers or larger maintenance requests from tenants down the track.
Make Minor Improvements – Renovating mightn’t be an option, and can be costly, so minor improvements such as a new letterbox, repainting worn walls, replacing old floors, replacing old fashioned fittings and . Making these small changes could help make a drastic difference to the overall appearance of your house.

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