10 Tips for Brightening Your Home Up for Spring

An oldie but a goodie… With spring just around the corner, it’s time to brighten up your home in anticipation of warmer weather. Spring brings so much in the way of outdoor entertaining, flowers and foliage and much more, so here are 10 simple, do it yourself, tips to brighten up your home for spring:

1)      Give the house a good wash – no matter what your house is made of or what type of finish it has on it, there’s no denying that it is exposed to the elements and that they do take their toll. Giving the outside of your house a good wash, removing bird droppings, sap, tannins and stains can give your home a whole new lease on life!
2)      Tidy up the garden – you could get carried away here if you wanted, but simply mowing the lawn, pulling out the weeds, pruning foliage, rolling up hoses and planting seasonal flowers provides a fresh, inviting atmosphere in the yard.
3)      Get ready for entertaining – remember that spring leads into summer, so it’s nice to have an outdoor area that oozes comfort and relaxation. Just by cleaning the pavers and outdoor entertaining area, ensuring your outdoor furniture is in good repair and ready for use, you’ll have no trouble preparing for BBQ’s and outdoor entertaining!
4)      Fix that fence – got a few palings out of place? Can’t keep the dog from digging under the colourbond? It might be time to put in a new fence, or fix up the old one. Good fencing can add security to your home, keep pets and kids in (or other’s out), and potentially add value to your home.
5)      De-clutter living areas – the rooms you spend most of your time in tend to ‘fill up’ with belongings, treasures, toys etc, but by storing them appropriately, you can open up living spaces immensely, making way for sunlight to fill the room! Natural light gives a room that sense of happiness and comfort that you, your family, and your visitors will enjoy.
6)      Add a splash of colour – neutral colours are great, but you can also add a bit of personality to your home by adding some colour to your fittings, furniture or bits and pieces in different rooms. Figure out what you like, what suits your existing belongings, and grab some cushions, throw rugs, flowers, wall hangings or paintings to add that fresh, bright feeling.
7)      First class bathroom – you don’t have to live in a palace to have a first class bathroom. If it is clean and smells fresh, towels are hung nicely and you have a pot-plant or two, your bathroom can feel like a million dollars! If the colours, tiles or fittings are outdated or in disrepair, try shopping around for new taps, spouts and shower heads, paint the ceiling and walls and or even look at painting or replacing tiles.
8)      Get a comfy night’s sleep – this may require you to replace that 20 year old mattress you have, but even replacing just a doona and pillows can make a lot of difference. Not only will you enjoy a more restful night’s sleep, but a made bed with bright, clean linen gives your house that spring feeling of warmth and excitement.
9)      Prepare your kitchen – renew your excitement for your kitchen by emptying out the back of cupboards, reaching up high and getting those old utensils out, and give them to charity or throw them away. Creating more usable storage, organising your pantry and fridge, making your baking tools more accessible can provide you with the motivation you’ve been looking for to cook up a storm during spring!
10)   Fresh air – There’s nothing like waking up to a clean smelling home. By making sure the kids have put their clothes in the washing basket, hung their towels out to dry, put the footy boots at the back door, and washing the pets (and removing their litter and food bowls if they’re inside), you should wake up to the fresh smell of spring every day.

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