Who’s Moving to Mudgee?

Moving to MudgeeWe read recently in the Mudgee Guardian that people moving to Mudgee are finding the community very supportive and are singing praises for the Mudgee Region. And why wouldn’t they? We know for a fact that people moving to Mudgee are here for the lifestyle – we’re as big an advocate as anyone for Mudgee!

It was delightful to read that businesses of the people who are moving to Mudgee are thriving here too. It’s always good to read about the positive things that are happening in the community. It’s reassuring to know that the community that we love so much is as supportive of each other as it is of us on the I Love Mudgee blog.

Today we’d like you to give a shout out to a local business that you love. One that you frequent or have only visited once, it doesn’t matter. If you find the service exceptional, the people friendly and the goods of high quality, then they deserve to have their praises sung.

So let’s hear it Mudgee – what’s a great business that you’ve dealt with in the local community? Feel free to share a link to their website or facebook page in your comment too!

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