Weather Changes in Mudgee – What are your predictions?

Well it’s been one wet summer thanks to the La Nina phenomenon that followed our horrible drought and El Nino weather pattern, but do you think this change is here for the long term? Or is it just passing in the breeze?

One thing’s for sure, we’re sure that our Region’s farmers would like the weather pattern to return to some sort of normalcy and consistency so that their crops don’t continue to be battered by inclement weather and altering temperatures.
Even Autumn has been unseasonally wet, so it will be interesting to see if Mudgee’s winter will be dry and cold or whether this rainfall will continue throughout the year. We’re no weather experts, but our prediction is that we could be in for a bit more of this wet weather unfortunately. It would be lovely for it to take a break though and offer farmers and people who rely on the weather for their businesses to prosper, a reprieve with a bit of sunshine.
What are your predictions for Mudgee’s weather over the coming months?

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