Visiting Mudgee? Need Accommodation?

We often find that we talk to people who are about to visit Mudgee or who have people coming to visit them in Mudgee and we tend to answer a lot of queries about finding short term accommodation in Mudgee.

One of the best resources we can point you towards is the Visit Mudgee Region website which has a number of hotels, guesthouses and B&B’s in the Mudgee area. Accommodation isn’t always easy to find when it’s busy, especially around festivals and food and wine shows, so if you’re planning on visiting Mudgee, you might want to start your Mudgee accommodation hunt sooner rather than later.

There are always sites like that you can search for available accommodation just about anywhere in Australia, but nobody knows Mudgee accommodation like the locals. We have friends and family visit us all the time, and they have to stay somewhere so feel free to ask other locals via our I Love Mudgee facebook page for the best accommodation in town.

4 thoughts on “Visiting Mudgee? Need Accommodation?

  1. Manale

    Hi there we are a family. We looking to rent a property where we can hunt. Looking on to stay on Easter Sunday till the 24 of April, can you recommend us to anyone please? Thank you

    1. adamwoods Post author

      Hi Manale, thanks for you comment. It is probably best to get in contact with the Mudgee Visitor Information Centre (Ph: 02 6372 1020) they will be able to help find accommodation for you, though unfortunately there is nowhere you can rent to hunt. Otherwise you could also try putting a post on the Mudgee Community Facebook Group (

      Good luck and hope you have a great time in Mudgee!


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