Stats on Australian Pets

We know that stats on households come from the Australian Census that’s held every 5 years, but we know very little statistical information about Australian pet ownership. So this year, PetPlan, a pet insurance company has decided it would be a great idea to gather statistical information about pet ownership, how they affect our lives, what our impact is on their lives and feelings towards our neighbours pets.

It’s the first year that a comprehensive pet census has been run and it’ll be interesting to see the results. And whilst the Pet Census is being run by a company, there’s absolutely no obligation to use their services or even give them your personal details.

The questions in the pet census relate to how pets are treated and looked after and also the motivation for bringing pets into our households. 

Most Australians are probably animal lovers, so by taking part in the pet census we can find out if we’re treating out pets in the right way and if there are ways to improve the human-animal relationship.

The pet census is completely anonymous and voluntary to take part, so if you would like to help Australia find out more about its pets you can fill out the census online at

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