Speaking of Food…

We talk often about the awesome produce we’re lucky to have in the Mudgee Region, and today we thought we’d talk about food from another perspective.

Many a Mudgee household would purchase food that doesn’t actually get eaten, which is a shame. We were talking to some friendly locals recently who actually told us about a NSW statistic saying that our state wastes an average of 800,000 tonnes of food each year. This made us think… how can we help Mudgee reduce its food waste?
Firstly there’s the cost factor. If you’re constantly replacing food that you’ve had to throw away, you’re wasting your money as well as the food. Maybe we should start thinking of ways to reduce this waste, either by storing food differently to keep it fresher for longer, or only buying what we need when we actually need to use it.
Secondly there’s the trash factor. Instead of throwing your food scraps in the rubbish bin which will eventually end up in landfill, maybe think about starting a compost bin in your backyard. We know a lot of Mudgee locals who compost their waste, and it does wonders for their gardens!
And thirdly, there’s the commercial factor. We all love to eat out, but it’s likely that much of the food wastage in NSW comes from commercial food preparation. If you’re a restaurateur or work in a kitchen, think about how you can do your part to help reduce food waste. It’s probably not as easy to do as in the home, but every little bit counts. 
We found this website called Love Food Hate Wastewhich has been launched by the NSW government to help our state reduce food waste.

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