Proud to Sponsor South Africa Trip for Aide Volunteers – Charlotte Berridge & Rebecca Miles

After hearing of Charlotte Berridge and Rebecca Miles’ plans to travel to South Africa to participate in a volunteer program “Reach Out Volunteers” in South Africa to help people in the province of Zululand, we couldn’t help but provide our support.

Being a local duo, the team have both just finalised their second year of university in Bathurst, and will be travelling to South Africa in January to fulfil this opportunity of a lifetime. Charlotte and Rebecca will be helping the volunteer organisation provide essential services such as education at an orphanage and health awareness to third world communities. They will also assist in monitoring and tracking endangered animal species such as elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffalo as part of a WWF funded program.

As uni students, the cost of taking part in a program such as this can be overwhelming and as such, locals such as myself and my sister Chandelle Woods of Professionals Mudgee are helping by offering sponsorship for the trip by providing some of the financial support needed.

We would encourage other local Mudgee businesses to join in the campaign in helping raise the needed funds by contacting Charlotte and Rebecca directly. For more information on the program, visit

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