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Reading an article in the Mudgee Guardian the other day about businesses in Mudgee going online, got us thinking about what it means for consumers interacting with people in businesses both online and offline. Which is more important? Which is more useful? Which is preferable?

It’s our belief that they compliment each other if balanced properly. The idea of having an online presence for your business is to boost your offline presence by getting customers through your door and people talking to you about your product after all. Therefore, we’d say that they’re as important as each other.

There will always be an increasing number of people going online, especially as the population ages, however people will also continue to do business with people offline if that’s what they feel more comfortable doing.

In terms of usefulness, offline can be more cumbersome because you can only physically be in one place at a time, so you have to employ other means of advertising and building brand or product awareness. Having an online presence is very useful because you can maintain it whilst sitting in front of your computer.

If you look at which method is more preferable to people in the community, it would be fair to say that it depends on the person and the demographic. Some people find it easier to do their search and purchase all online, others do their search online and then go offline to do the final transaction and others prefer to do it all offline.

In our real estate business, we find that the combination works really well. Talking with our fellow Mudgee community members (such as yourselves) online makes it far easier to talk with you offline because we feel like we already know you! To us, that’s the ultimate in online business – getting to know the people of our community, talking with them, answering questions and then meeting them offline at a later stage if they wish to get to know us better or find out more about real estate in Mudgee.

3 thoughts on “Online vs Offline

  1. Mudgee Business Directory

    Dear Adam & Chandelle

    I totally agree with what you said about finding a balance.

    In my case I only have an online business presence, as I’m an information provider.

    Have you seen my site – it’s Mudgee’s largest online directory. All businesses, services and events are listed free with links through to the business’ website.

    From our statistics, we can see It is also highly utilised by people intending to move to the area, as well as locals

    We are proving very popular, with several thousand people per month utilising the site, especially our ENORMOUS entertainment pages

    Of course you will find your business listed under Real Estate
    Click on SERVICES for a complete index of our site

    Amanda Pahl

  2. mudgee

    Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for your comment! I had a look at your site, lots of info on there! Looks like a very useful website for the people of Mudgee, we think it’s great! Maybe we could write a blog post about it sometime?

    Cheers, Adam

    1. Mudgee Business Directory

      Thanks Adam, I’ve only just noticed this reply. I would actually love to call in and speak personally about my website first. Would you and Chandelle, and/or Helen, be available for half an hour. You might find it very interesting. Let me know !!

      Amanda Pahl


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