Mudgee Tower… In The UK?

When we read about a sustainable architectural design called “Mudgee Tower” we thought, how cool that Mudgee’s moving ahead in leaps and bounds in the eco-friendly, sustainable home design area.

Then we read that “Mudgee Tower” is but a namesake of this great Australian city… because in actual fact, the building is in the United Kingdom!

This little beauty comes with all of the living necessities one requires, but doesn’t rely on technology or industry to maintain it. Made from entirely recycled materials, this simplistic home appears simple and although its ‘off-grid’ it is also very versatile because you can having it completely open or closed depending on the time of year, desired comfort and privacy level you’re looking for.

The Mudgee Tower has made some innovative headway into sustainable living and we’re glad that it shares the name of our fair city. What do you think? Read about the Mudgee Tower here (UPDATE: Link no longer active).

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