Mudgee Internet Connected

We have been awaiting the arrival of the Government’s National Broadband Network (NBN) for so long now that we weren’t sure that it was actually going to happen. But we read in the Mudgee Guardian this morning that things are starting to happen in Mudgee!

While the NBN is rolled out, there will be an interim service put in place called the First Release Satellite Service (FRSS) which will also be used in more remote areas that the fibre network cannot reach. The FRSS is being trialled by around 200 Harbour IT and SkyMesh customers within the Mudgee Region and reports are that the service exceeds current internet speeds by around ten times!
Eligible customers should be able to apply for the service next month and the criteria can be found at the NBN Co website. This might be a great way to increase your internet between now and when the NBN is eventually rolled out in Mudgee, which at this stage doesn’t appear to have a timeframe set.
What do you think about having high speed satellite internet available in Mudgee?

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