Mudgee Heating on the Back Burner

What is your heating really costing you? Did you know that wood-heaters release more hazardous pollutants than cars do? For anyone living in NSW at the moment you’ll know that the cold weather warrants some kind of heating for your home. There are more hidden costs than you realise though.

A new report has claimed that the health issues arising from an average heater in the Sydney area costs us around $3172 a year. In 2007, a similar New Zealand study resulted in matter-emission standards being raised for heaters. Interestingly, the Australian standard hasn’t been revised since 1999. With all of the other changes surrounding emissions and the environment, it seems odd that something producing worse emissions than a car could be overlooked for so long.
There are a number of opinions on the debate, which prompts us to ask Mudgee residents what they believe and how the issues can be addressed.
Some people have called for a short-term ban on wood heaters until the a new standard for emissions can be introduced, however the impact would be detrimental not only to the heating industry, but also to those of us who rely on wood heating for our homes during these cold winter months.
Bio-ethanol fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular and are labelled as the best environmentally-friendly heating device on the market. Would you make the switch?

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