Mudgee Golf Club Redevelopment at Ground Zero

News this week that demolition of the Mudgee Golf Clubhouse will soon be underway got me thinking about new beginnings, as well as what seemingly losing everything can mean for a community.
With our recent floods in NSW and those currently besieging residents of central Queensland, it certainly seems that mainly regional Australians will be facing a fresh start – whether they would like one or not.
A new beginning, much like a new year, gives us the chance to reassess what we do have – be it family, friends or both and appreciate our many gifts beyond our possessions. One thing that local Mudgee residents seem to have plenty of is friendship! It’s great to see how the local community has banded together in wake of the fire, filling in manual tee-off time sheets and cooperating to make sure that things get on as normal around the links.
I’d hate to overuse an old cliché but perhaps in this case the cloud does have a silver lining – I’m sure that the new Mudgee Golf Club clubhouse will be a wonderful facility with plenty of amenities to serve its members and the community.
All the best to the Golf Club for the re-build!

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