Mudgee Farmers’ Future

We all know that the farmers in the Mudgee Region are vital to our local economy, tourism and infrastructure. With the NSW State election rolling around later this month, it’s important that our community support our farmers to ensure the longevity and viability of continued farming in Mudgee.

We can’t control things like the weather of course, but as free Australians, we can control what products we buy and of course which local businesses we support, some of which are dedicated to sourcing local farmer’s produce. The support of locals and local businesses is imperative to our farmers, and after years of drought caused by El Nino, followed by some crazy wet weather over the past year or so caused by La Nina, every bit of economic assistance we can provide farmers in Mudgee counts.
The NSW Farmers Federation held a regional conference in Mudgee recently, where it was stressed that there needs to be major support from the Government to help keep Mudgee farmers in business. The five key elements outlined by the CEO, Matt Brand were productivity, community, environment, transport infrastructure and planning which he said should be the factors taken into consideration for the future development in the Mudgee region.
We absolutely agree. Community is something we believe very strongly about, and at every opportunity, are urging locals and visitors alike to continue to support local farmers – the grassroots of our region.
If you’re not a local, you might be asking why this topic is so important. What things to Mudgee farmers produce? Fruit and wine of course are the obvious ones; sheep which provide wool and meat; wheat; beef and dairy cattle; the list goes on.
So, we urge Mudgee region residents as always, to support local farmers. If you have a business, ask yourself if there’s a local producer who you could source your fresh produce from. Every bit counts.

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