Mudfest 2011 – Another Successful Year!

We would like to start with a big “congratulations” to everyone who joined us at the event and those who participated in the 2011 Mudfest. We’d especially like to congratulate the winners with “The Lost Thing” and winners of the Peoples Choice film “Family Values”.

Which of the films was your favourite and what did you think of the new venue at Bunnamagoo Estate, was it better than pervious venues?
With so much local talent in Mudgee it’s really great to see everyone within the community coming together to put together a truly magical night. If there were more film festival type events like this in Mudgee would you attend? Maybe a regular outdoor cinema once a month at one of our various Mudgee wineries?
In the way of promoting local films and filmmaking, what would you like to see more of within the local community? It could be a fundraiser or family event, or something else if you have other ideas. Comment below or on our facebook page if you’re a local filmmaker with some film festival ideas! Don’t forget to tell us your favourite Mudgee Mudfest film too.

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