More about the Mudgee Showgirl Competition

As we promised earlier this week, we’d like to delve deeper into what the Mudgee Showgirl Competition is all about. For those that have been following our blog for the last year, you’ll know that we wrote about it a couple of times. We didn’t however go into detail about what is actually involved with the Mudgee Showgirl Competition.

Madeleine Hamilton was the 2010 Mudgee Showgirl, whom we loved supporting, and who did a fantastic job being the ambassador for the Mudgee region. The 2011 Mudgee Showgirl is Bianca Stanford and we’re sure she’ll represent Mudgee fantastically as well.
The Mudgee Showgirl Competition has run since the early 60’s and held its respectful place as part of the Mudgee Show without alteration. Criteria for being crowned as Mudgee Showgirl include local community knowledge, ambition and goals, personality, confidence, rural knowledge, presentation, speech and more. As you can see it’s not something that is taken lightly, and requires a lot of dedication and passion for the title.
It’s definitely a great way to become further immersed in your community, so for women aged between 18 and 25, if you have a great passion for Mudgee, have confidence and ambition to grow, learn and lead, then you may have the makings of a future Mudgee Showgirl… could be something to keep in mind anyway!
If you’d like to read more about Bianca’s experience, visit the Mudgee Show Society website.

2 thoughts on “More about the Mudgee Showgirl Competition

  1. Bianca Stanford

    Hi Adam and Chadelle!
    This is a great post promoting Mudgee and the Showgirl movement.
    Thanks for the encouragement!
    I have just competed at Zone, in Maitland…
    I am off the the Sydney Royal!!
    The first Mudgee girl since Michelle Rheinberger in 1996.

  2. Adam & Chandelle

    Hi Bianca,
    We wish you the very best of luck at the Sydney Royal!! Congrats on getting through to that level, you’ve made Mudgee very proud!


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