Million Beers Worth of Favors

The Tooheys Crew along with League legend ‘The Chief’ Harrangon are about to transform the former Stockland Site in Mudgee later this month.

Its part of the ‘Million Beers worth of Favors’ campaign running throughout Australia, why Mudgee you ask? Because all of you great locals out there petitioned for it! Not only is it great to see the community getting behind such a great activity but it is also exciting to have the Chief Harrangon in our area!

The new area will open many doors, as most of you know we have a few festivals and it would give us another venue to work with. If you would like to be apart of this great project on Saturday May 28th you can volunteer by contacting Any help is much appreciated you can also check out there website to see what other projects they have going on and what there all about.

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