Keeping Mudgee Clean – You Could be Rewarded!

Have you ever seen someone throw a bit of rubbish out of their window and wondered to yourself “I wish they wouldn’t do that”, and continued on your way? I’m sure the majority of Mudgee motorists don’t litter, but there are definitely some that are making out streets and roadways less attractive by tossing their rubbish out of their car windows or losing it out of the back of their ute.

Interestingly, the topic of littering and vandalism has been spoken about in the Mudgee Guardian recently, and suggested that the Mudgee community be more proactive in holding events such as community clean-up days and running educational campaigns.

To have more of an impact of offenders, the Mid-Western Regional Council probably needs to be more stringent and proactive in issuing fines to offenders, and call upon the community to dob in people they have seen littering from their car or vandalising property.

You may be surprised at just what constitutes littering too. It can be anything from a flyer under a windscreen wiper, on letterboxes outside of a group of flats, gates, fences, walls and footpaths; to stubbing a cigarette out and leaving the butt on the ground, tossing litter from a vehicle; to aggravated littering which includes intentionally breaking glass, discarding lit cigarettes during fire season or discarding sharps such as syringes.

Littering penalties can be hefty, so if you see someone in the act of littering and want to report it, you can let the council know. Having back up evidence is crucial to them being able to enforce the infringement, and you should be prepared to give evidence in court to back up your claim. Call the Police Assistance Line on 131444 for more information about reporting a litter-bug.

With vandalism, Mid-Western Regional Council is even offering significant rewards for people passing on evidence and information that leads to a conviction. You can read more about this in an article posted on the Mudgee Guardian website.

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