Hospitals… The Debate Continues

We’ve watched and commentated on the closing of Gulgong Hospital, and have recently read about the commencement of the Gulgong HealthOne facility that is to bring health care back to the local area.

The debate continues as residents finally see progress, but the heartache and passion the Gulgong residents displayed with their hospital was decommissioned is still raw for many. Without an operating multipurpose health service in place, or the promise of one, and whilst the HealthOne facility is a step forward, some would debate it’s not going to be able to service the demand for a community like Gulgong and surrounding towns.
In other health news, the NSW Government has launched a new website designed to help patients in need of emergency treatment, determine which hospital has the least wait-time. sounds like a great plan for people in Sydney and metropolitan areas who are within striking distance of multiple hospitals, however for many rural people it will likely be for information on wait times rather than for giving a choice of hospitals.
A total of 58 NSW public hospitals are linked to the website thus far and the system is designed to give real-time information from those hospitals. There is certainly more potential there for rural NSW if GP’s and clinics become part of the system also.
What did you think about the commencement of HealthOne? And how do you think a site like can benefit the people of Gulgong and Mudgee into the future?

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