Home Pool Safety Reminder!

We talk about this topic every summer, but it’s important to reiterate the importance of pool safety, whether you’re at home, visiting friends or family, or at the public pool.

Here are some tips for pool safety at your house. If you don’t have a pool, but you regularly visit friends and family who do, then share this post with them, it may just well save a life!

How safe is your pool?

  • Does your pool meet the appropriate pool safety standards?
  • Make sure your pool gate is kept shut at all times, so that children cannot access the pool without you, and never leave the gate propped open.
  • Keep your gate and any other safety measure well-maintained. If for example your gate’s safety latch isn’t working, then fix it.
  • Clear away items around your gate that children could climb over – things such as pot plants and chairs.
  • If you do have children at your home, then it may be a good idea to attend a first aid course, as this could prove to be lifesaving if an accident occurs.
  • When children are around the pool, make sure they are always being supervised. Never leave children in the pool or pool area alone.
  • Educate and familiarise children with water from a young age by taking them to lessons at a local pool.
  • Adults shouldn’t swim when inebriated as judgement can be impaired.

There is a great check-list with plenty more information about pool safety at www.homepoolsafety.com.au.

Please have a fun and relaxed summer by the pool, but please make sure you do it safely.

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