Facebook & Blogs Bring Mudgee to the World

Who would have ever thought that our interest in putting our community online would present such

opportunities? Over the last couple of years, my sister Chandelle and I have been building a great online community in the way of I Love Mudgee, both through our blog and our facebook page.

The results have been amazing. And results for us come in the form of promoting our awesome country region to the world, which is just what happened recently when I attended a real estate conference on the west coast of America.

The National Association of Realtors conference is a mammoth event with many of the greatest minds in real estate and technology in attendance, not to mention some of the most progressive. So to be able to talk to everyday people who are finding that online communities are just about the only way to go when you want to share and discuss things with other local community members was exhilarating for me.

I don’t think I could’ve mentioned Mudgee more times if I tried, and being able to use the I Love Mudgee blog and facebook page as examples of how things are starting to shape up in Australia was amazing. From all accounts, we as a community are certainly leading the way in online sharing and communication and without the support of each and every one of the people who follow, read, share and like our posts, we wouldn’t be at conferences like NAR to be able to expand our knowledge of technology.

So, if you’re not a subscriber to our new look I Love Mudgee blog yet, don’t forget to subscribe, and if you want to find out what new advancements are coming next, stay tuned because we have some big ideas on how we’re going to make the online Mudgee community even stronger!

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