Don’t Forget Your Pink Ribbon!

As you’d be aware, October is Pink Ribbon Month and during this month many businesses don their pink ribbons to help support the cause. That includes Professionals Mudgee Real Estate where we sell pink ribbons and merchandise on behalf of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) throughout the month of October.

In addition to campaigning in October, Professionals Mudgee also makes a contribution to the NBCF for every home we sell.

Due to our Group’s collective efforts we have now raised in excess of $1,750,000 for the NBCF and thanks to the support from the community this number keeps growing. But whether you purchase your pink ribbons through our office or elsewhere, the only thing that matters is that you do go out and buy your pink ribbon this year, because every dollar counts.

Buying a pink ribbon isn’t just about raising money though, it’s also about showing your support and helping to raise awareness for the women and men suffering from this terrible disease.

Hopefully we are getting closer to finding the cure to Breast Cancer and when we do it will be because of the support of communities like Mudgee who help organisations like the NBCF do the fantastic work that they do with research and support.

Hopefully we’ll see you around the Mudgee community wearing your pink ribbon in support of those people in our lives who are suffering from breast cancer, and if you would like to purchase any Pink Ribbon merchandise or make a donation to the NBCF then drop into Professionals Mudgee on at 91 Market Street and help us get a step closer to a cure.

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