Disappearance of Orange Man Reminds us to Support Qld Floods

I was deeply saddened to read about the disappearance of Central West man James Perry in the Queensland Floods this morning, missing presumed drowned in the devastated Queensland town of Grantham.
If it didn’t before, this incident should hit home to locals the sheer scale of the flood disaster, and the fact that it is taking its toll not only on South East Queensland, but on communities’ right around the country. The flood disaster is ongoing, with the Brisbane River peaking overnight at approximately four and a half metres, putting thousands of homes underwater.
The memory of our own floods so recently must make reading about and watching the Queensland disaster all the more difficult, but it’s vitally important that we all give what we can to the Premier’s flood appeal. With many insurers refusing to cover the cost of floods and residents struggling to put their lives back together on government assistance, any small contribution you can make could make a big difference to someone.
For details and how to donate, you can visit The Queensland Government’s Website.

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