Could You Walk to Work?

Keeping healthy and fit is the goal of so many people, however sometimes it’s hard to find the time to fit in exercise into our busy lifestyles. But what if it was for someone else’s benefit as well as your own?

To help get the message out there about the benefits of walking to work, and to help raise some money, every year the Cancer Council runs Walk to Work Day across Australia and it’s becoming a popular event.
We thought we’d spread the word on today’s blog so that Mudgee can not only help a great cause, but also kick start a healthy exercise regime simply by using the power of legs instead of their car to get to and from work each day.
As a member of a significant sized team, it’s important that everyone is happy and enthusiastic at work. Walking to work has been shown to have great effects on employees’ health and wellbeing and apparently it helps prevent illness and absenteeism as well as making people more productive throughout the day.
About 30 percent of cancers can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle, so what more reason do you need to step up and make the change? Introduce regular activity, such as walking to work into your daily routine and you’ll not only be helping the Cancer Council, you’ll also be helping yourself and potentially your workplace.
Walk to Work Day takes place on September 16 2011 so check out the website to find out more and to register.
If you don’t live close enough to your work to be able to walk all the way there you can still take public transport and walk part of the way or you could park about 1km from your work and walk the extra distance. If you’re in a rush you could always go for a long walk during your lunch break too.
C’mon Mudgee, let’s get active and let’s help the Cancer Council raise some money!

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