Blue Zephyr a Good Match for Mudgee

Hi everyone and a big congratulations to our blog competition winner Amanda. I was reading in the Mudgee Guardian the other day about the launch of a new train service by Eskbank in April, set to cater for the wining-and-dining crowd out of Sydney.
It got me to thinking about what a good match for a foodie heaven like Mudgee a service like the Blue Zephyr is. It promises to convey the adult food-and-wine set in stylish club cars from Lithgow to the central west, including Mudgee.
Once here, they can enjoy some of our boutique accommodation and savour our award winning wine, cheese and honey producers throughout their weekend. Once they’ve walked off the excellent food, they can enjoy some of our excellent federation and colonial architecture and browse for a holiday home before they have to head back to – you guessed it – their sumptuous club car for the journey home.
It’s also a great idea for safety, as being car-free or mostly conveyed by tours means that there is no more fighting over who has to be designated driver.
Would you take the Blue Zephyr in the other direction for a trip to Lithgow or Sydney?

2 thoughts on “Blue Zephyr a Good Match for Mudgee


    Hello does anyone know where the BZ website is or how to book and what are the details of its operations, costs etc?
    Very keen to find out more!
    Kind regards

  2. mudgee

    Hi Ian,
    Thanks for your question. I’ve done a bit of digging and come up rather empty handed at this stage. From all reports the project hasn’t been actioned and there doesn’t seem to be any operating details on any of the sites of company’s listed in the original article mentioned in my blog, but nor have I found any updates on the project itself I’m afraid. There was a discussion started in Jan after the announcement of the idea was made, and you may be able to find people more in the know there.
    If I do hear any news on the project, I will be sure to post it for you. Cheers, Adam Woods.


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